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About 15years back, Mrs. Egelege, Aziemeola Pius had the dream and desire to bring succor and hope to the needy and the less privilege especially those rejected and forgotten by society.

The zeal to bring out the greater good in this class of people brought her to think of what good she could do, when and how she could achieve this.

Mrs. Egelege, Aziemeola Pius


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Mothers’ of Hope International Initiative is a women-led and women focused and non-governmental organization concerned with the welfare, growth and development of women in Nigeria.


The establishment of this organization is motivated by the need to mobilize and support women to be economically viable; to play active participation in decision and activities that shapes their future and that of their children.


Mothers’ of Hope International Initiative is about ‘Women helping other Women and Children’ to unleash their potentials and achieve their dreams.


Our organization focuses on the empowerment of indigent women and the girl-child and as well as vulnerable children across Nigeria; we work to support young women and girls to live a fulfilled life.


Women’s voices need to be heard and recognized; and this can only happen if women themselves take the lead in mobilizing their fellow women, plan activities that would transform their lives and give hope to their children; women also deserve to be treated with dignity and provided with the enabling environment to succeed. On the other hands, women themselves must stop seeing themselves as second class citizens but beacons of hope; they have to start organizing themselves instead of agonizing or antagonizing.


Specifically, our organization would be engaging in activities targeted at the following areas:

  • Encouraging self-awareness, capacity building and skill acquisition; as opportunities for self-development would certainly eliminate ignorance and help women to take informed decision that would affect them positively. By doing this we can be sure that women would have confidence to pursue Social Justice and Economic Freedom.

  • Women participation in leadership: Our organization is positioned to support women’s involvement in leadership and decision making at various levels. Women need to decide what happens to their future and that of their children. We would work hard to ensure that women and girls are supported to develop themselves academically and otherwise including platforms that can develop them further, in other to be fit enough for leadership positions.

  • Encouraging the rural women to get involved in agricultural; accessing facilities that would make women’s participation in Agriculture very easy.



Our organization envisages a society where women, children and the girl-child are empowered and provided with socio-economic opportunities that would help them realize their dreams and live in dignity.



To provide platforms and mobilize resources that would support the indigent women, girls and children to attain their full potentials; through capacity building, skill acquisition, educational and health support services, thus ensuring improved well-being and quality life.





  1. To provide economic and educational empowerment for women and girls by way of skill acquisition; capacity building and other entrepreneurial activities, thus eradicating extreme poverty amongst rural women and girls.

  2. To educate and enlighten the public and community stakeholders on the need to support and protect women and the girl-child from all forms of abuses; through advocacy, sensitization seminar and campaign.

  3. To promote and support the health and well-being of rural community women and children; through medical outreach and the provision of free medical-health screening and drugs; sensitization on healthy lifestyle and personal hygiene.

  4. To provide welfare packages and palliatives for widows and other indigent women and vulnerable children across Nigeria.





We would engage in building partnership and networking with governmental and non-governmental organizations including corporate-private organizations and individuals stakeholders who share in the vision and mission of this organization. To some extents, we will always seek collaboration with others in order to achieve our objectives.



Mothers’ Hope would always employ awareness creation as one of the veritable tools of reaching her target audience and the general public as a means of increasing information and knowledge on relevant issues. This Initiative would engage in partnership with other organizations that uses awareness creation as a channel for program effectiveness and information dissemination.



To understand the context and enormity of the challenges faced by our beneficiaries, our organization would engage in research and documentation as a means of gathering information and analyzing data to help design projects that would impact on lives positively.



  • Production and distribution of information education and communication materials (IEC/BCC)

  • Advocacy

  • Community Engagement

  • Radio and Television Enlightenment programme

  • Participatory needs assessment; focus group discussion; research and documentation

  • School outreach and seminars

  • Community Town-Hall meetings and sensitization



  • Integrity, inclusiveness, gender equity and equality.

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Structural Explanation: The organization is governed by a board of trustees with a president who directly supervise the day-to-day activities are carried out by the management board headed by an executive Secretary/ administrative manager.





  • Skills acquisition/Economic Empowerment: The organization believes that when a woman is economically productive she would add value to her family and community in general. Therefore, this organization shall continue to support and partner with initiatives that promotes women’s economic empowerment; in realizing this aim, the organization would be engaged in providing special skill building and economic empowerment for rural women and young adults in the areas of; computer education, fashion & designing, soap making, catering/baking, hair dressing, African art and culture, tie and die, including training on small and medium scale business and provision of micro-credit for them; startup grant for petty traders; provision of equipment such as hairdressing and fashion designing accessories among others.


  • Adolescent Health, Counseling and Sexuality: Mothers of Hope prioritizes the Health of girls particularly those in the rural communities within the geographic coverage of the organization. In doing this, the organization shall engage in seminars and sensitization; Adolescent-Girls-sexuality education, counseling and referral services for rural community women, semi-urban community women and girls, particularly widows and indigent ones.


  • Educational Support Project: The organization is committed to supporting the education of the girl-child in both formal and informal education; it shall do so through career counseling and scholarship opportunities for the brilliant but indigent ones who do not have the financial means to attain their educational goal.


  • Encouraging women’s participation in leadership: The organization shall expose selected women to capacity development and opportunities that would help them to develop leadership skills so as to be relevant in various leadership positions from community levels to state, federal and international levels. We shall equally embark on advocacy and sensitization programs aimed at encouraging women’s participation in leadership and in making decisions that affect them. Through civic education, seminars and advocacy, women would be meant to realize their rights.



The organization shall generates its fund through; grants from international development agencies; corporate sponsorship and donation, government partnership and support, generated profit from business enterprise and subsidiaries owned by the NGO for sustainability. Others include donations and contributions received from board members and other spirited individuals.

A concrete help for a better and kind world


To Identify gaps in our individual expertise and work collectively to share the knowledge and build capacity by analysing opportunities for advocacy and painstakingly map out, and identify allies in government and other agencies. To raise stars. By showcasing and reawakening hidden and untapped talents.


To motivate and unite women for a common goal by building a transparent and inclusive approach to information sharing and decision-making with the various strands of women's group/movement at all levels via sectoral alliances
• Promoting women education and empowerment


To rewrite the hidden cultural codes that stop and prevent women and girls from excelling, through advocacy. As Mothers with equal right, we are agents of change for sustainable socio-economic, religious, health, security and peace development in the world
• Protecting the rights and wellbeing of EVERY child


• To Promote women education and empowerment
• To raise Stars. By showcasing and reawaken hidden and untapped talents.
• To eradicate poverty and reduce gender equality
• To fight the gender based violence and promote peace.
• Eradicating poverty and reducing gender inequality

Each donation is an essential help which improves everyone's life

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