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About 15years back, Mrs. Egelege, Aziemeola Pius had the dream and desire to bring succor and hope to the needy and the less privilege especially those rejected and forgotten by society. The zeal to bring out the greater good in this class of people brought her to think of what good she could do, when and how she could achieve this. This led her to adopting some children (male and female) and with the help of her husband nursed them, some from birth, till now. They are in schools and colleges within and outside our country Nigeria. Apart from these ones that are now part of her family, she is also sponsoring the education of some others living elsewhere, she has trained and set up businesses for indigents mothers from other religious denominations, adopted new born babies to childless mothers who could not, supported homes in her counseling to restore peace in their families and many others, arranged, supported and sponsor couples who are not married by law but are living together to marry as the custom demanded. She has been able to stretch her helping hands to the less privileged in the society, giving hope to the hopeless, home and shelter to the homeless, clothing to the naked etc. Over the years; with the help of her family lawyer, she has given legal aid to the indigent members of the society by way of legal representation in court without fee. (Pro bono) Thus, she became the “MOTHER OF HOPE” holding out her hands in the dark for people in need.




In the pursuit of her dream with fire and enthusiasm, people around her felt the warmth she gave to the hopeless and began to draw near her. The first to join her were her colleagues and associates who believe that the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams with our Lord’s guidance and whose ground of hope is embedded in the saying that ‘The love we give away is the only love we keep’ with these group of women of integrity who want to dedicate some of their life to others began to key in giving birth to MOHII with Mrs. Egelege Aziemeola Pius as her Mother founder, an icon of generosity and love to humanity. Because of the mother founder willingness and ability to accomplish results, she encouraged people to key in so that they may benefit by putting smiles on the faces of the down-trodden by this way, her placement of value and care on people. MOHII is a conglomeration of people of like minds who intoxicated by the mother founder’s dream of kindness to the informal to a formal development of an NGO. It is on this premise that the decision to give it a legal backing by registering it with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) came up and the process is completed by His is grace. MOHII is now a registered NGO with CAC.



MOTHERS OF HOPE INTERNATIONAL INITIATIVE (MOHII) is a non-governmental organization symbolizing the coming together of  people from different walks of life, residing within and outside the country and from different denominations of the Christian faith. They are mostly women though membership is also open to men as Associate members.



This organization being a registered one has rules and regulations embedded in her constitution. Other attributes that depict on organization are also found in these contributions. Members pay dues and make such contributions as may be needed to embark on projects of kindness in charity which is the language the deaf hear, the blind read and the needy smile at. Benefactors/benefactress individuals, agencies and government can be approached for sponsorship integrity and commitment are our watch words. As the name implies, our hope is to give hope to the suffering people of the world through education, provision of means of livelihood , healthcare services, counseling, succor to the girls child and the motherless, etc. our prayer is to achieve all this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.









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