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Distinguished guests,
Religious leaders
Diaspora Representatives,
Executive Director, Board of Trustees, MOHII Directors and members.
NGO’s leaders & Delegates present here,
My colleagues and friends from my place of work and business
Members of the civil society,
Traditional leaders,
Women groups,
Gentlemen of the press,
My lovely family and friends …I thank you all for your presence in
today’s program and pray for God almighty to bless all of you in Jesus
name. Amen,
All Glory and Honour goes to Almighty God the arbiter of all human
affairs who’s Omnipotent Hands guided and steered the ‎affairs of
MOHII towards a successful coming together that has brought about
this inauguration today.
Great people of God, when you are called by God, he will enable,
provide, equip and qualify you with heavenly degrees. He will provide
the skills; ability, direction and resources that you will need to carry out
his work. According to Hebrews 13:21 and I quote “God will equip you
with all you need for doing his will”, when others saw David as a little
shepherd boy, God saw A mighty warrior and a King, God will make a
name in MOHII in Jesus name. Amen.
Mother Theresa once said and I quote “I alone cannot change the world
but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”.
I am thrilled that you are all here to witness and celebrate this
remarkable NGO (MOHII), which is being inaugurated today. I look
forward with great hope to all that is before us.
I am indeed honored and humbled to accept the stewardship of an
organization that for about 15yrs has carried out an empowering
mission and that has shaped a legacy for excellence in the NGO world.
My parents of blessed memories taught me the meaning of love,
commitment and what family is all about; their values shape my life. I
know that wherever my mom and dad are– James and Christiana– they
must be happy and smiling with us today. God bless them!
My husband Eze, Pius Avubuike Egelege, has been a pillar and constant
support in all my life and activities; I thank him and our cherished
children Dr. Boobodah, Engr. Jeffrey, Engr. Samuelson, Engr. Mac-Pius,
Piuslyn and Jewel and my adopted children- Promise, Ediomu, Precious,
Miracle and Progress for their love and inspiration that have been the
cornerstone of my life. They, too, have embraced MOHII with wide
open hearts – and I am grateful for their commitment, may God
almighty bless all of them in Jesus name.
A special thanks to my Lord Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Camillus A. Etekudul ,
the Bishop of Port Harcourt Diocese for his fatherly advice and support,
may the love of God always be with him.
I appreciate MOHII Executive Director, Dr. Akeh James Woha, who
resides in the Republic of Ireland for all his contributions and supports.
What can I say? God bless you.
To the Board of Trustees (BOTs) Dr. Akeh James Woha, Barr. Veronica
Ogbozor, Mrs. Chenuehia Aboh, Barr. Faith Weneka, Lady Maria-Goretti
Obichere, Mrs. Nkechinyere Sunny-Wokoro and lady Tonia
Nwachukwu, you are all welcome and are special to me and to my
family, as well as your excitement and support for our future plan for
this great MOHII, you have both energized and inspired my work. I
value all that you do every day. Thank you.
I offer special thanks also to MOHII Directors, Secretaries, Members,
Associate members and all MOHII spouse for all your guidance,
encouragement and the steadfast trust you have placed in me.
To all the catholic Priests / Religious, faithful laity’s, Pastors and other
men and women of God with us today, thank you for the ways that you
have advised me. MOHII will create the future on the solid foundation
of your wisdom and leadership.
I also extend my thanks to our Diaspora communities, all greeters and
delegates for your presence.
I am grateful for the work of the inauguration committee led by Mrs.
Christy Urho and Mrs. Bomo Omatsone – secretary, other committee
members and many individuals who contributed to the events this
week. It was wonderful and spirit lifting for all your commitments
during the international day for the girl child that took place on the 11 th
of October, 2018, also an outreach visit to the IDP Camp in Bayalsa
State and your active participation during the MOHII awareness day, it
was an excellence one , keep it up and God bless.
Inaugurations are timeless traditions that remind us of our strength as
charity based organization and the continuity of our enduring values.
They are the chapter headings in our MOHII narrative. Our book is
thick with 15 years of stories, and together we will embark on writing
the compelling new chapters for MOHII.
The vision we received was an unshakable trust in God and iron clad
confidence in the mission to serve those often neglected by society
through the education of our indigent children and the empowering of
MOHII’s mission continues to propel its way through time with the
power and conviction to transform lives – and the world which we
share – through education, counseling, skills and empowerment, adding
voice to the voiceless, all because some fearless and faithful women
said yes. What will we say “yes” to today or tomorrow that will propel
us into the future?
For all MOHII’s children, our education program is grounded in the core
values of the Christian faith, community, and service to humanity,
excellence and leadership etc.
Our children also bring their aspirations to MOHII. We thank them for
their daily inspiration and for sharing this transformative time in their
lives with us. MOHII provides them with an education that combines a
sense of spirituality with a depth of content that will prepare them for
both a career and satisfaction in their lives. With that same dedication,
our members who are highly spiritual and are committed to the
contribution of their; TIME, TALENTS & TREASURE will support and
encourage our children in vital ways to achieve their goals.
The MOHII Story – is enhanced through the partnership of our
benefactors who have supported our mission with steadfast faith for
years now—and in whose confidence and trust we rely as we look to
the future.
While we are rightfully proud of our history, we are a dynamic learning
community that welcomes new challenges. We aim to preserve the
core values that have sustained this organization, while preparing our
children for the future.
Seeking to chart our future, next year we have planned to immerse
ourselves in the strategic planning process, which will give us an
opportunity to engage our organization, including our associate
members and others who volunteered to serve freely. The strategic
plan that will emerge will be guided by a new vision that will include
creating innovative programs, inspiring children to lead and serve
globally and promoting the advancement of women.
As we write our new chapter, we will build a vibrant charity based
community. Our faith is active in prayer and in practice. Our identity as
Christians and charitable community, resonant with charism, calls us to
educate and remember that part of personal development is tending to
our spirit.
MOHII’s educational found program is grounded in the liberal arts as
preparation for the professions. In every major and every program,
distinctive learning opportunities will prepare competent, confident
children ready for both service and leadership. Our strength as an NGO
rests in God as our leader in transformation.
MOHII will reignite our commitment to the advancement of women
through skill acquisition. Statistics shows that many women especially
in the rural villages lack skills.
We will reframe and reinvent our Women’s skills center which will
focus on education, leadership and advocacy so that it will be a
powerful voice for women in Nigeria and beyond.
In our next chapter, MOHII will expand its initiatives in global learning
and engagement. Our arms will reach around the world, after the
example of Pope Francis, who reminds us, “It is important to get to
know people, listen and expand the circle of ideas. The world is
crisscrossed by roads that come closer together and move apart, but
the important thing is that they lead towards the good.” We are happy
as we received word that we were approved as a non-governmental
organization – NGO.
Our door is open to new members and donors, encouraging them to
bring their goals and dreams. As we welcome them and weave these
members into our NGO, we invite them to make their dreams part of
our vision.
MOHII has all the ingredients for continued success and growth: a
strong legacy, a compelling mission, robust and distinctive programs
and activities, the identity of charity and talented membership, who
model commitment to our beneficiaries, our city and to our world.
This is the MOHII that is in my heart! I pledge today, and every day, to
serve our mission with all I have to offer: words, actions, energy, values,
and, of course, faith. You have my fearless and faithful promise of
enduring love and resolve to all that MOHII is today and all she will be
in the future!
I ask you to join with me as we work together, rooted in our values and
energized by our vision to achieve the transformation that our mission
promises. We are the authors of the next chapters in MOHII’s history!
Thank you and God Bless

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